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1 Brian Hollingworth Animal Sculptures [Edit]United KingdomCeramicsSpeciality Raku fired animal sculpture
Source Brian Hollingworth City: Nottingham Address: 11 Clumber Avenue Mapperley Plains Nottingham NG3 5JY

" Brian Hollingworth's animal sculptures suitable for home and garden. The site is well illustrated, detailed and provides lots of information."

2 Carolinda Tolstoy [Edit]United KingdomEmailCeramicsfaience, lustre and gold
Source City: London Expositions: world wide

Inspired predominatly by persian safavid and turkish iznik (16th -17th century)- highly decorated ceramics - fabrics - sculputal ceramic and glass undulating forms 'the misshapen world' -wall surfaces and clothing accessories

internationally published and working with several interior decorators around the world

Carolinda Tolstoy Ceramics by Ernst J. Grube (ISBN 1874044562 Art Books International 2003)

3 Geraldine McGloin Ceramics [Edit]United KingdomCeramicsSlip cast semi porcelain
Source Geraldine McGloin City: Londen

"This is the site of an Irish ceramist based in London. It represents a range of hand crafted fully functional design led ceramics. The current work is slip cast semi porcelain, sometimes pierced or turned after casting and decorated using enamel decals."

4 Peter Hayes Contemporary Ceramics [Edit]United KingdomCeramicsCeramic Sculpture and Architectual pieces
Source Peter Hayes City: Bath Address: 2 Cleveland Bridge, Bath, BA1 5DH,

"Contains information, portfolio and a general overview of the work."

5 Troy C. Brockett [Edit]United KingdomCeramicsRaku decorative pieces.
"Most of my work is constructed using the coil and slab construction methods. They are a combination of functional and decorative pieces. I'm fond of the raku firng technique, but like to explore a variety of things as I am still learning and developing.
NameCountryEmail addressTypeSpeciality